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Since all dogs are descendants of wolves, isn't it amazing the variety to be found?

I have a strange hobby of photographing dogs and food whenever I travel. Here are some of the dogs I've met on my trips:

Chicago, IL:
USA dogs: pickles

San Diego, CA:
USA dogs: San Diego dog

Nice doggy!

Boston, MA:
People watching

Martha's Vineyard, MA:
The sailor

Lake Geneva, WI
Shop dog, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

N├╝rnberg, Germany:
Dogs of Germany: Tough Guy

Dogs of Germany: Happy, happy

Ansbach, Germany:
Dogs of Germany: Street Musician

Dinkelsb├╝hl, Germany:
Dogs of Germany: Sweetie

Ulm, Germany:
Dogs of Germany: The travelers

Schwangau, Germany:
Dogs of Germany: Sweet and fuzzy

Budapest, Hungary:
Dogs of Hungary: sweet puppy

Homeless man with puppy - Budapest, Hungary

Szentendre, Hungary:
Dogs of Hungary: white puli

Dogs of Hungary: black puli

Sion, Switzerland:
Dogs of Switzerland: Maxi

Cheverney, France:
I can be so cute, look!

Flagey-Echezeaux, France:
Dogs of France: Protecting his house

Paris, France:
Dogs of France: Nice to meet you

I have MORE!

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  1. These are my photos & you did not give me credit. REMOVE THEM immediately!

    1 Juni 2016 13.48

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