Pets Hunters

Cheap labor in LA

They will work long hours over the next week to 10 days and won't collect a pension or charge for working overtime and won't call in sick - and 100 of these laborers cost only $3,000. The cost of human workers would have totaled as much as $7,500.

Leaders of the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency have hired 100 goats to nibble away thick weeds on a steep slope on a weed-choked lot in the Bunker Hill high-rise district.

An electrified fence helps corral the goats and keeps them from falling over a retaining wall at the base of the slope. Security guards will be on duty when goat-keeper George Gonzales is not there to watch over the herd.

Source: L.A.Times

(via: L.A. Unleashed)

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