Pets Hunters

Skimming the news

* A western Pennsylvania man who mailed a bloody cow's head to his wife's lover has been sentenced to probation and community service.

* A drunk man in Munster, Germany, was bitten on the face by a dog after he began chowing down on food from the animal's dish.

* Vietnam has seized more than a ton of ratsnakes found aboard a Vietnam Airlines flight from Bangkok. Last month, the airport authorities also seized 1,550 pounds of snakes aboard a Thai Airways flight to Hanoi.

* Raccoon meat has made its way to Chicago's upscale Moto restaurant, where chef Homaro Cantu created a dish that makes the raccoon look like road kill, complete with a yellow stripe down the center of the plate.

"It was a real eye catcher," Cantu said. "The fact that the dish looked like it was run over was really cool."

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