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Ferret movie stars

Jeanne Carley loves taking pictures of ferrets.

She said, "They are funny, sweet, and incredibly endearing. Ferrets amaze me with their intelligence and happy personalities. I can't imagine working with any other pet the way I do with ferrets. They inspire me with their exuberance, curiosity and adorable dance of joy. They are my muse."

Carley has created ferret-themed calendars for 15 years. Her latest, which took several years to create, pays homage to classic movies with a ferret in the pivotal role of each.

"It was a really hard issue for me," Carley said. "Trying to illustrate a whole film with a single picture – and using a ferret – is not easy! And they're hard to photograph. You can't say, 'Sit' to a ferret. Well, you can say it, but they won't do anything!"

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