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Great Turtle Race

Leatherback sea turtles are 100 million years old.

They may only have ten years left.

Find out how you can help.

Eleven leatherback turtles are swimming across the Pacific Ocean to the Galapagos Islands in a "race" that will be tracked online to draw attention to the plight of the endangered creatures.

The turtles have been tagged with satellite communication devices that give their positions as they head south from their nesting sites on Costa Rica's Playa Grande beach to feeding grounds near the Galapagos, about 950 miles away.

Online participants can choose a turtle and track its course at from April 16 with the winner being the animal that travels furthest in two weeks of swimming.

There is no prize for the winner of the race, aimed at highlighting the dangers facing a creature that has graced the oceans for 100 million years.

Photo: Fiona Cuthbert

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